American Southwest

From the Gulf of Mexico to the Grand Canyon, the Southwest is simply enormous. It includes Nevada, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Kansas and Oklahoma. Think staggering scenic delights, outdoor pleasures that won’t quit, a fascinating cultural and geological history, world-class dining, lodging and entertainment. Then think bigger, because the Southwest has all that and more. The grandeur of this Region is beyond description in words, it must be experienced first hand. Come see for yourself. We know you will return with friends and family as there is no place like this.

Then there’s the one and only Las Vegas Territory in southern Nevada. With roughly 40 million annual visitors, does it really need an introduction? If you can make it past the dazzling lights and pursuits of the city, you’ll be just as astonished by its outdoor playgrounds like Valley of Fire State Park and massive Hoover Dam. Las Vegas is really just the start of the thrilling adventure that is Nevada. The sprawling northeastern territory has been dubbed Cowboy Country, a rough-and-tumble landscape that true-blue cowboys and ranchers call home. In the northwest, Reno-Tahoe Territory is known for its recreation and for spectacular Lake Tahoe. For a shot of history, try North Central Nevada, the Pony Express Territory, and follow the legendary Wild West mail route along “The Loneliest Road in America”. Pit stops include historic and eccentric little towns and one of Nevada’s national treasures – Great Basin National Park. The state’s largest territory, Nevada Silver Trails, is likewise brimming with sights to see. It’s home to Nevada’s highest point, 13,141-foot-tall Boundary Peak, its driest spot, Death Valley National Park, and arguably its most fascinating – the Extraterrestrial Highway. The Indian Territory is really the heart of Nevada’s historical side. It knows no borders within state lines and this is evident in the annual traditional celebrations enjoyed across Nevada.

Texas’ natural wonders inspired travelers from all over the world: scenic canyons, dense forests, vast cattle ranches, mysterious caverns, undisturbed beaches. The Panhandle Plains feature a rugged and flat landscape that changes to reveal dramatic canyons including the stunning Palo Duro Canyon. Big Bend National Park stretches from the Rio Grande River to the Chisos Mountains, encompassing massive canyons, rock formations and a vast desert. The Texas Hill Country features rolling countryside and a strong European heritage and many of the state’s dude or guest ranches are located here. Houston is the fourth largest city in the US and is home to NASA Johnson Space Centre. Dallas is a sophisticated city with bustling restaurants and shops. Fort Worth has a strong western heritage displayed in the Fort Worth National Historic Stockyards. The Piney Woods of East Texas offers a landscape filled with forests and streams, lush meadows and quaint historic towns.

In Arizona the Mexican cultural influence can be seen throughout the state - the language, food, music, art, architecture, attractions, entertainment and traditions of Latin peoples are deeply infused in Arizona’s culture. Arizona is also home to 22 different Native American tribes occupying the most reservation land in the United States. From ancient cliff dwellings and ruins to thriving casinos, Native American culture plays a leading role in Arizona. The U.S. Army scattered garrisons around the state, such as Forts Apache and Verde, several of them preserved in national or state parks. Inspiring an entire movie industry, rough-and-tumble gunfighters and lawmen walked the streets of Tombstone and did time in the Territorial Prison in Yuma, both of which can be visited today.

Mix 13 national monuments, 34 state parks, five National forests, 19 Native American Pueblos, two Apache reservations, the Navajo Nation, golf and water sports, modern shopping, unique festivals and a host of cultural attractions and you have the makings for an incredible vacation in New Mexico, be it a weekend or all summer long.

History buffs can explore Kansas’ legendary cowboy towns or visit its countless museums, which celebrate the state’s pioneer, aviation, farming and Native American legacies. Outdoor enthusiasts will be happy to know that Kansas is still home on the range to the American bison, which can be viewed up close at two of the state’s wildlife refuges and along the highways in Western Kansas and the Flint Hills. And for nature lovers, Kansas is home to the largest remaining stand of tallgrass prairie in North America, providing travelers a new experience in this fascinating ecosystem and a glimpse of what the continent looked like 200 years ago.

Oklahoma has got the most diverse terrain mile-for-mile than any other state, from gently rolling hills to expansive, fertile plains. Ancient mountains, ever-changing sand dunes, salt flats, pine forests, cypress swamps and caves of alabaster all make for a vacation paradise, no matter what kind of vacation getaway you’re seeking. The Mother Road of the nation, Historic Route 66 traverses the Sooner State, revealing a wealth of unique and fascinating travel destinations as it leads visitors through the metropolitan areas of Oklahoma City and Tulsa, as well as weaving through a diverse landscape, where small-town charm awaits each visitor. Today, ranches dot the Oklahoma landscape, rodeos take place every month of the year, western wear and tack stores are numerous, and you’ll find one horse for every 12 people (more per capita than any other state). And across the state, the 39 Native American tribal headquarters operate tourism destinations, lodging, racetracks, golf courses, casinos and even a chocolate factory.

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