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Welcome to the southern U.S. states of Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi & Tennessee. These states are rich in music, history, heritage, culture, cuisine, scenic highways and family fun set in a scene of natural beauty.

Experience the music of the South as you explore Alabama, a land rich in history, awe-inspiring scenery, sun-drenched beaches, vibrant cities and the mountains of the Appalachia.
Georgia is the state where Gone with the Wind was born, where the name has become synonymous with the musical lyrics of Otis Redding and Ray Charles and where championship golf is played today.
Louisiana has one of the most colourful histories of any state in the USA and actually of many countries. Louisiana is a rare and exotic mix of nations and cultures. You can experience fabulous food, intoxicating music, a warm welcome from the locals and an atmosphere that embraces all the good things that make all our senses come alive.
Introduce yourself to its authentic culture and enjoy places that make Mississippi such a popular state to visit. Known as the birthplace of America's music from Delta blues to rock and roll, from country to gospel - this is the place to be! And with a renewed appreciation for the great outdoors come and see what Mississippi is all about.
No other place can claim to be the capital of American music like Tennessee. From the Beale Street Blues of Memphis to Nashville Grand Ole Opry and historic "Bristol Sessions", Tennessee musical heritage is internationally renowned.

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