Wild West and Native Americans

Be transported into the wild and wooly past of the American Wild West, its history and legends of cowboys, western cowgirls and pioneer women of the west, guns and other interesting western facts like the Pony Express Mail Delivery, famous outlaws and lawmen and the exciting Gunfight at O.K. Corral which took place in Tombstone, Arizona, a true historical landmark!
The American West featured all sorts of people from pioneers and scouts to lawmen, outlaws, gangs and gunfighters, to the American cowboy, and legendary pioneering women on the frontier. Meet "Billy The Kid", Jesse James, the Clantons and the Dalton gang and the lawmen who stopped them, famous sheriffs and their deputies. Learn interesting western facts about inventions like barbed wire and denim blue jeans.

You will also learn the adventures of the American Indians (Native Americans) and their battles against European settlers. You will find interesting Native American Indian sacred places and battlegrounds to visit, authentic Indian recipes and Native legends and creation stories. Read historical information about the heroism of Native Americans during the two world wars when they served as "Code Talkers". Read about American Indian arts and crafts, especially Indian jewelry and dances. The Wild West was a fascinating time and place in American history.

Belly up to the bar and have a drink in the saloon; learn about the frontier skirmishes between the pioneers and the Indians, and visit the ghost towns, mining camps and cowtowns on the prairie.

More than just a glimpse of the past, we will transport you into the adventurous times of the Wild West.

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