Canada Escorted Coach Tours

Take an escorted tour through Canada and you will be travelling in style and relaxing in comfort. With all of your travel and accommodation arrangements taken care of before you depart, you can ensure that the only thing you have to worry about is not missing out on any of the spectacular scenery.

Canada is immense, the second biggest country in the world. Canada is a land of rugged landscapes, grizzly bears and Mounties who always get their man. That’s what you expect and you won’t be disappointed.
The scenery is every bit as spectacular as you’ve probably imagined. Half of the country is blanketed in forest, representing a quarter of the earth’s stock.

Whatever you want from a holiday you’ll find it in Canada.

Western Canada offers a wealth of natural and cultural experiences - rugged shores kissed by the Pacific Ocean, the majestic Rocky Mountains, the cosmopolitan cities of Vancouver and Calgary and the charming alpine villages of Banff and Whistler.

Eastern Canada is a feast for the senses - the natural wonder of Niagara Falls, the endless beaches of the Atlantic Coast, the historic walls and cobbled streets of Québec City, Montreal - the second largest French-speaking city in the world - and the stunning skyline of Toronto.

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Canadian Contrasts

The Canadiana

Canada Escorted Coach Tours - Nature and Landscapes

Rockies Trail

Rockies Trail and Cruise to the Glaciers

Western Canada and The Inside Passage

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Western Journey

Canada Escorted Coach Tours - American Cities

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Eastern Explorer

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Eastern Journey

Canada Escorted Coach Tours - Sun and Coasts

Atlantic Maritimes

Circle Newfoundland & Labrador

Enchanting Canadian Maritimes

Canada Escorted Coach Tours - National Parks

Glaciers and Gold Rush Bonanza

Rocky Roundup

Canada Escorted Coach Tours - Culture, Heritage and History

Best of Eastern Canada

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